We’re about you – Only You!

Your employees work hard for kids. It’s only right that your benefit plans work hard for your employees. Boys & Girls Club Workers Association benefits plans are the only ones that have been created specifically for Boys & Girls Club employees. And together our collaborative buying power makes the difference! You can assure that employees have the best benefit coverage available – and the BEST VALUE.

A Stronger Club Is Up To You

  • Your participation helps strengthen the plans and build their value for all clubs that participate.
  • Group buying power helps reduce rates.
  • By participating, you provide your employees consistency of quality benefits – specifically designed for Boys & Girls Club employees and their families.
  • We’ve already “shopped around” for benefits so you don’t have to.

Smart Business Decision

When it comes to insurance benefits, don’t settle for chasing low price. What you sacrifice in quality benefits can cost your club employees. Choosing the Boys & Girls Club Workers Association plan is an outstanding business decision. You get the right benefits – no guessing. No worries about rate volatility and huge premium rate savings.

Rates are highly competitive and optimize the buying power of more than 600 participating clubs and over 6,000 employees. With each additional club that participates, the greater the savings for you and your employees – and the stronger the plans become.