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The Boys & Girls Club Workers Association (BGCWA) is happy to announce our partnership with the renowned Mayo Clinic. If you participate in one of the five medical plans you are eligible to use the Ask Mayo Clinic Nurse Line. You will receive the toll-free number in your welcome kit, and can begin to use this service once eligible. Nurses will verify your enrollment prior to offering services.

Ask Mayo Clinic Nurse Line

Ask Mayo Clinic is a 24-hour nurse line designed by the experts at Mayo Clinic for two purposes:

  • To provide phone-based, reliable health information in response to your health concerns and questions.
  • To help you decide on the appropriate level of care for your illness or injuries.

Appropriate care may include self-care at home for yourself or a family member, or a call to your doctor the next day, or an immediate visit to the emergency room. Choosing the appropriate level of care helps you and your family get the best health care while avoiding needless expense and wasted time.

Calls to Ask Mayo Clinic are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by experienced registered nurses who have been specially trained to handle telephone health inquiries.